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Better Brand, Better Business

Craft a successful brand & business that thrives

Hello there, I’m Pete. I help business leaders transform their companies into their customer’s only choice.

Working with open-minded and passionate SMBs, seeking to craft a brand that awakens innovation and drives success


The pursuit of truth. A self-taught creative and curious mind. I love solving problems. Combined with over 15 years of design expertise across a wide range of industries, provides a unique insight into the methods required for crafting a successful only choice brand.



Exploration is your foundation for success by uncovering profound insights about your business, ideal customers, your competitors and the market sector.


Innovation involves the pursuit of fresh perspectives and offerings that racially influence your brand’s positioning within the hearts and minds of your ideal customers.


Activation expresses your brand, identity and messaging across all environments. Initiating interest, engaging customers’ values and building lasting relationships.

Stop chasing customer, attract them


My process is simple and straightforward, where we only focus on what truly matters. As a result, you will be equipped with a strong brand positioning and strategy that will turn your concepts into realities. Ensuring your brand connects deeply with your valued audience, customers, employees, and stakeholders alike.


Fundamentals help reveal the knowledge and mindset required to build a successful customer-centric brand.

Branding Fundamentals

Mindset for Success

Mindset expands your idea of what is possible, we explore dominant forces, beliefs and how to think like the greatest entrepreneurs and innovators.

Core Principles

Principles are fundamental truths that serve as the foundation for behaviours that lead to getting what you want out of life.

Reality & Beliefs

This is our chance to reflect and question current beliefs and perceptions, discuss ideas and reframe any misleading ideology that exists.

Customer Choice

Explore the key to business success. ‘Customer Choice’ what it really means and how customer perceptions influence these choices.

Outcome: Fundamentals provide the chance to reflect and question current beliefs and perceptions, discuss transformative ideas and reframe any false or misleading culture or ideology that exists. A healthy mindset is the ultimate prerequisite for success in both yourself and your business.

The Customer

Only by knowing your customers on a profoundly deep level can you truly engage and influence perceptions.

Customer Insights

Shift Perspective

Benefit from seeing the world from an alternative perspective, along with that of your ideal customers’

Who do you serve?

Here we’ll define those specific individuals with a problem that you can solve better than anyone else.

Ideal Customers

Usually, 20% of customers generate 80% of revenues and profits. Here we define your ideal customers and where to focus your efforts.

Customer Playbook

The core framework and formula necessary to capture deep human insights and to understand the varying levels of customer value.

Outcome:  The audience module provides unrivalled insight into what your ideal customers want, how they want it, and why. Through this competitive advantage, the business is primed to deliver unparalleled value across the entire customer experience.

Brand Strategy

Define your unique strategic position, what you stand for and ‘why customers should choose you?’

Brand Strategy

Strategy Principles

Learn the principles behind crafting a radically differentiating brand strategy that positions you as your customers’ ‘Only Choice’.

Three Perspectives

Uncover the sweet spot between your company, customers and market to find where your uniqueness and potential resides.

Purpose | Vision | Promise

Define why your business exists beyond making money. How you will change your customers’ lives and what they should expect from you.

Brand Identity

Define your values, personality, voice and style. Identity is aspirational, it is how you hope to be perceived, not just how you are perceived now.

Only Positioning

A formula for identifying and positioning your total brand offering towards a specific customer group for which you can become their only viable choice.

Brand Story

Your brand story is the glue that binds your strategy together. It makes the magic of your brand tangible in an emotional, memorable, and meaningful way.

Outcome:  The module provides a radically differentiating market position that is distinctive and authentic to you and your business. An additional outcome is a strong brand strategy that is tightly linked to the business strategy, making it clear what your brand stands for and why customers should choose it.

Brand Offering

We’ll integrate insights, vision, and strategy into a total offering to maximise value and difference.

Total Brand Offering

Strategic Delivery

A core framework for helping innovate value beyond your core product or service. Redefining how we see the offering to create more unique value.

Journey Mapping

We’ll innovate the journey and experience that your customers have to take to reach their desired outcome with minimum friction.


Explore how your unique brand surfaces across the most critical business touch points and how it all relates to the greater purpose, the brand.

Outcome:  Your strategic brand will have a defined system to deliver true customer value, meaning, and transformation on multiple levels across the business, and not just with what you make or sell. Meeting customers on their terms throughout their interactions and journey with your brand as a whole experience.


Develop touchpoint experiences and engaging journeys that nurture meaningful relationships with your customers.


Engagement Strategy

Develop a framework for building relationships through three kinds of core activities, Initiating, Connecting and Nurturing.

Engagement Funnels

Based on our brand strategy. We will design engagement funnels that attract new leads and prospects and turn them into advocates.

Engagement Actions

Here we plan the tactics that will deploy to engage with people and build an admirable, differentiated brand in the making.

Outcome:  No marketing equals no sales, no brand and no business. This model would be a benefit to any marketing team’s endeavours. In essence, it connects the company’s whole brand strategy to marketing so that every interaction engages people and builds as many healthy, long-term relationships as possible.


Here we connect the brand to the business, ensuring all our activities work like the perfect operating system.

Brand Operations

Operational Principles

Together we will explore every part of your business operations, and adopt core principles to ensure it stays aligned with the brand strategy.

Systems Focus

By utilizing the 80/20 rule we will be able to clearly identify the areas and activities of focus, those that matter most and are profitable.

Systems Design

Here we design an actionable operational system around the five ‘Ps’. Purpose, Performance, Principles, Process and People.

Brand Guidebook

We’ll refine all our collaborative discoveries and activities together to create a guide to evolving and managing your brand.

Outcome:  Providing a framework to bring clarity and empowerment to everyone involved in the building of the brand. It establishes clear alignment throughout the business and enables the collective culture to grow while also creating a predictable operating system for the business to seamlessly thrive.

These methods have been designed to facilitate module workshops that can be completed independently to maximise specific areas of your existing business.

If you would like to know more about individual workshops or have a business/brand problem you want to discuss, please reach out.



Design with

Design without purpose is just decoration. It’s only by crafting an innovative brand that design can communicate what it stands for in a meaningful way.


Avoid clichés
at all cost

The same offering, messages, designs and the same promises as other brands are just clichés. They defeat why your authentic brand exists in the first place.


not isolation

Branding is a collaborative process that creates a much stronger, more powerful team. Delivering real value and meaning throughout the entire business offering.


Small is

This is why I never take on more than I can handle. This way you always have my full attention, time, and resources at hand through every project.


not just clients

Built on trust and a promise upheld by both. This enables a shared pursuit of excellence and a willingness to learn from each other.


or die

Fortune favours the bold, it’s for those who realise being ‘ordinary’ is a failing strategy and that being ‘extraordinary’ is the holy grail of business.


every option

Mindset and discovery are everything in crafting an effective “Only Choice” brand. Nothing should be left off the table in the pursuit of innovation and differentiation of your ideal customers, your power base.


comes first

The customer is the innovation, not what you make, offer or sell. Position the customer centre of everything you do. Transform their world and enable them to reach their goals at every opportunity.

Keeping Innovative Company

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Frequently Asked Questions

I offer a free initial 30 min consultation. Once we have clarity on the problems at hand, I’ll provide transparent, upfront cost options based on my involvement. As a guide, Individual workshops begin at around €4k, whereas a full end-to-end transformative strategy can reach 30k+.

Some business problems can be resolved within a day or two of collaboration, while others have been four months +. You may wish to workshop only the pressing stuff or potentially request a complete brand transformation. Either way, you’ll have complete control over the extent of our engagement.

While only you can decide if I’m a good fit for yourself and your business needs. My own interests are to work with open-minded people that have the willingness to invest in themselves and the businesses they are looking to radically transform.

Yes, by all means, reach out and let’s chat. If I’m not the right fit, I’ll do my best to offer options or point you in the direction of something more suitable to your needs.

Just an open and curious mind.

Just a little of your time. I offer a free 30 mins consultation to discuss business problems and to see if we’re a good fit for each other.

Start by thinking different.
Challenge your current thoughts and question what it takes to be an “Only Choice” brand for your ideal customers. Apart from what you make, provide or sell, why do you exist?

Ask yourself.

  • Who do you serve?
  • What do they want?
  • How do they want it?
  • Why do they want it?
  • Why should they choose you?

Discovery Call

Discovery calls are just that: A chance to discover if we’re a suitable match and discuss your unique situation through honest and open conversation.

It’s simple & free, two things everyone loves!

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