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Brand Positioning

Brand Positioning

Brand positioning is essentially about how people perceive you and your total brand offering. Yep, you did read that right “Total Brand Offering“. It’s not just one thing, it’s everything about you and your business that is evaluated consciously & subconsciously.

Positioning requires differentiation above everything else. The same offering, messages, designs and the same promises as other brands are just clichés. They defeat the purpose of having a unique brand in the first place.

The aim is to find the sweet spot between your uniqueness, customer transformation and the market gap. Through this approach, you’ll be one step closer to crafting an ‘Only Choice‘ brand, one your ideal customers simply can’t resist.

The top three positioning influencers are:

  1. Your Customers – Transformation & Outcome
  2. Your Business – Uniqueness & Reputation
  3. Your Market – Trends, Competitors & Influences

Start by asking yourself:

  1. What outcome do my ideal customers truly value?
  2. What am I uniquely renowned for in my space?
  3. What factors influence the current/future market?


Positioning, while only one part of brand strategy, is still one of the most essential to get right. If your positioning to attract the ideal customers is too broad or narrow, gaps tend to form in otherwise solid strategies.