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Design with Purpose

Design without purpose is just decoration.
Businesses need creatives, not decorators.

Why is that you might ask?

A creative designer for over 20 years, I’ve seen my share of surface-level brands. Lack of awareness, poor differentiation to false self-perceptions, poor conversion rates, low engagement and dwindling retention are signs of a larger problem.

A logo, website, and social media channels do not constitute a brand. People are savvy enough to see past the gaps and realise there is no substance behind it.

Without a clear strategy and positioning, customers simply fill in the gaps for you. This leads to mixed messaging and a lack of ‘Trust’ in your brand.

Well, we offer the lowest price!! Sorry, “This only creates attachments to that low price and not your brand”

In the age of the customer, the brand is a cornerstone of business strategy and decision-making. Only through a solid brand strategy can a business differentiate, charge higher margins, increase retention, create brand value, nurture advocates and ultimately win over the hearts and minds of their ideal customers.

The most loved brands have deep roots below the surface. This is where branding should start and only when a breakthrough strategy is in place should it ‘surface’ through the design, marketing and communications.


Stop decorating, start designing influence.