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The Ideal Customer

The Ideal Customer

If your business is dependent on customers choosing you, you must have a clear understanding of your customers to achieve success.

The ideal customer is that individual who feels your brand has no equal in their heart and mind. It’s their default brand of choice to obtain a specific value or outcome.

The Problem

From experience, a lot of businesses lack focus on who they serve. There is a tendency to want to cast a wide net for fear of missing the smallest opportunity. To try to be everything to everyone and as a result, become nothing to no one.

The Solution

As counterintuitive as it sounds, you need only focus on an idea of the ideal customer. That specific individual with a problem that you can solve better than anyone else. It’s only through defining your ideal customer and crafting a customer framework around them, that you can determine exactly what to concentrate your efforts on.

Fictional, but ideally conducted with your real customers, focused workshops enable us to reveal in granular detail who your ideal customer is, what they want, how they want it and why they seek it.

Fact: Ideal customers exist and you’re more than likely one!

If you have a preferred choice of clothes, foods, cars, travel, phone, laptop etc, or if you have a brand that you just can’t do without then you’re an ideal customer to someone, somewhere. Just about everything we surround ourselves with is brand relative, personal or otherwise. It’s simply impossible to avoid.

Your Ability

No doubt, you’ll come across different types of people with the same problem. However, they might not want it solved in the same way. Therefore, it is also essential to understand what you do better or differently than anyone else. Your differentiation.

While it’s imperative to know who your business is for.
It is equally as crucial to know who you are not for.

Q. What is that one thing you do better or different than anyone else?