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Hey! I'm Pete. Graphic designer and brand consultant helping SMBs achieve sustainable growth by exploring new possibilities as we question the familiar.

Got a project in mind?

Stop chasing customers! Attract your ideal customer through best practice, battle-tested strategy and design. Inspire meaningful connections that drive your business, not only to survive but to thrive.

Embracing the roles of a challenger and collaborator, I help spark conversations that elevate projects beyond the confines of mediocrity. I've honed the skill of artfully merging design aesthetics with brand strategy, yielding impeccable brand experiences that have captivated and delighted a diverse range of target audiences.

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My forte lies in shaping brand identities, generating valuable assets, and crafting engaging touch points that establish an authentic and enduring bond between your brand and your ideal customers.

Brand Consultant

+ Graphic Designer

I'm a dynamic brand specialist with a versatile skill set focused on crafting captivating brand experiences. Ruckus encapsulates the spirit of my work as a brand designer who excels at creating visual disruptions, challenging norms, and making a lasting impact through creative collaborations.



Discovery serves as the bedrock of success by uncovering profound insights about your business, ideal customers, your competitors and the market sector.


Strategy involves the pursuit of innovative perspectives and offerings that profoundly influence your brand's positioning in the hearts and minds of your ideal customers.


Activation expresses your brand, identity, and messaging across all channels, sparking interest, aligning with customer values, and nurturing lasting relationships.


Design with

Design without purpose is just decoration. In essence, design should not only be visually appealing but also meaningful and purpose driven.

Avoid clichés
at all cost

By embracing originality, you honour your brand's purpose and demonstrate your commitment to genuine, engaging, and meaningful communication.

not isolation

Collaboration is key to building a memorable experience for your customers. A strong team delivers greater value and significance by far.

Keep it

Simplicity not only makes it easier for people to understand but also aids in better recall. Simply eliminate unnecessary complexity. Think 80/20.

Friendships not
just clients

My objective is to foster friendships that transcend mere client relationships, grounded in trust and a shared dedication.

or die

"Differentiate or die" is a true principle. Strive for extra-ordinariness, and you will be rewarded. Remember, fortune favours the bold!

Explore every
Possible option

Cultivating a mindset of exploration is imperative to craft a brand that is both captivating and distinct. Each avenue must be explored in the pursuit of innovation and differentiation.

come first

The customer embodies the innovation, surpassing what you create, offer, or sell. Place the customer at the core of every endeavor. Empowering them to achieve their desired goals.

Brand &


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